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Access to The SMART Spelling Video Course

Regular price $149.00
SMART Spelling Video Course Online Course How to teach spelling by Michelle Hutchison

Please order using the name and email address of the teacher who needs access, rather than using an admin person's details.

Access is per person.  The purchaser will receive an email with 🔐 login details.

 *If you are buying access for more than one person, please order in one of the participant's names/emails and enter the other names and email addresses at the next step in the additional information box.  

When ordering for more than one person, only the purchaser gets automatic access (within a few minutes), the others are added manually by the end of the day of purchase.  If you require immediate access for more than one participant, just order individually for each person using their name/email address.

A tax invoice will be emailed within 24 hours.